Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Evolution of Our Save-The-Dates

When I first saw Sarah Parrott's portfolio, I loved the vintage feel of her stationary. Tandem bicycles, lots of flowers, trees, and birds whizzed about her many custom creations. See some of her work below:
In designing our save-the-dates with Sarah, we went through several rounds of proofs. First, I sent her my inspiration, which were the images I blogged about here.

We chose to do a save-the-date postcard to keep postage costs down, as well as save money on printing and ordering.
These were the initial proofs she sent back. I originally told her I wanted hydrangea, but also wanted the horse that Ian drew and the script-y fonts. In the end, the horse and flowers didn't pair well.

On the second go-round, we wanted her to play with embellishments to give it a Western feel. This was also where we figured out our color scheme: white, creme, yellow and brown. She incorporated it here.

Third time's a charm. Sarah sent us our winning choice. We worked from PDFs up until we actually received our order, which made it difficult to actually imagine the postcard.

That said, here she is on Crane's Lettra paper. The two colors on the invitations are brown and shimmery gold ink.

Here they are!

We ordered vintage stamps from eBay, which I'll elaborate on next. There are so many ways to find vintage stamps--and you can even get them at face value (plus a couple of dollars for shipping).

How many rounds did it take you to get your save-the-dates right? Were they what you expected when you received them?

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